Friday, June 02, 2006

11 Months Old !!

Whew ... where does the time go ?

Only one more month before our little Sweetness celebrates her first birthday ! Eric and I are excited to finally be able to plan a first birthday party for our little girl ! By joining our family, Elaina has given us the best year of our lives and the most joy we have ever experienced.

Here's what Elaina has been doing in her 10th month :

* Elaina was baptized into the Catholic church
* Says "Mama !"
* So close to walking - has taken many consecutive steps
* Profficient in stair climbing
* Waves "Hi"(backward) and "Bye"
* 2 more teeth made an appearance
* first bruise
* Tasting more food
* I started "brushing" Elaina's teeth
* Starts to crawl faster when we go after her when she is into something she shouldn't be in

Like every other month, Elaina has been so much fun and we are enjoying every minute of her !

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