Monday, November 20, 2006

Melt me why don't you !

This begins Day 3 of 7 of Eric being away from home on his hunting trip. Elaina has been missing her " Dadda " very much and calls out for him randomly throughout the house. Every time the phone rings she is certain that it's going to be Dadda on the other end. When she wakes up in the morning she puts her arms around me and shouts, "Dadda !" as she points to our room, hoping that he is still lying in his bed. She is a sad case, that girl.

Apparently, I am a pretty sad case myself. I miss Eric too. I've always been mostly independent and able to handle things well on my own. I'm capable and strong- willed. Yet, when it comes to my husband, I'd rather have him near than far. That's why I married him !

This morning, I fulfilled Daddy's role in feeding Elaina her breakfast. She ate reasonably well (without her blasted Binky !) and was very pleasant. Upon lifting her from her highchair, I requested a hug from my big girl. Elaina happily complied offering the biggest, warmest hug which lasted well over a minute ! Her sweet, little self melted onto me as she clung to me with her arms and legs wrapped tight and her head on my shoulder. Just for the record, Elaina is fairly new at giving hugs and has never offered one like this before. What a perfect way to begin my whole day. I'll forever remember how she melted into me and we were joined as one for this moment in time.

Thank you Elaina ! Better save one for your Father !

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