Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sparkly and Pretty

To everyone who reads my blog regularly, here's a little Christmas gift from me to you.

What you are about to behold is just as sparkly and pretty as our friendships so sit back and enjoy with just one little click, you are almost there.

Grab your sunnies folks and let the true spirit of Christmas overtake you!

Be sure to report back at how much you've enjoyed my gift to you!

2 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

Gosh. Makes our lights look so dull. Each year we buy a couple more things to junk up the lawn. You gotta admit, it's a lot more fun looking at the tacky houses than the ones that look beautiful with the matching wreathes and white lights. Who needs elegant when you can have a santa snowglobe?

Tracy said...

That made me laugh and only strengthened my views on NO LAWN ART regarless of the holiday. I, unfortunately for my children, am the matching wreath and one spotlight on the house type of girl. I am SO glad other people do it though so we can go see them!