Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rekindling the Romance

Well, hi there!

Remember me?

Um yeah, well, where do I begin?

I feel like a 7 foot freshman trying to make friends at a new high school. In May.

I guess that after a little impromptu blog hiatus, I need to start again sometime. (I've missed writing and I've missed your kind comments. I haven't missed 1:00 a.m. bedtimes and the feeling of commitment that I sometimes attach to blogging.) The problem that faces me now is where to begin to make up lost time?

An explanation for my absence? (there is none)

Jump right back into blogging like time has stood still? (I'm pretty sure that if you've come back to visit, you've noticed that almost 2 months are not accounted for)

Call off work for 2 weeks straight and send the kids to the babysitter's house to begin to start from where I left off? (not enough vacation time)

Back date my posts? Because if I'm blogging purely for the sake of posterity, in a year from now, the fact that I skipped out on 2 months could be our little secret. (the beauty of blog editing)

Pretend that we spent the past couple months at Graceland and met Elvis at a diner and we've been hanging out with him ever since. (because that could happen to anyone)

So, if anyone has stumbled back here still checking for a pulse, feel free to offer your grand insight and helpful suggestions on where I should begin to account for almost 2 months of sheer craziness, living each day to the fullest while writing about it all has taken an unfortunate back seat. And I'll be sure to tell Elvis how nice y'all are.

Good to see you back My Friends!