Friday, January 29, 2010


Remember these little Munchkins?

(Yes, Mom, I know you're so excited to finally see pictures up!)

These are the same two who have been growing like crazy and occupying all of our time. Not like I mind, of course, but GEEZ, slow down!

In the early part of the fall, Elaina learned to ride a 2- wheel bicycle all by herself. After weeks of the training wheels barely touching the ground on her bike, she felt that she was ready to take a spin sans extra wheels. With only a few slight steady, starts from her dad, she was off like a flash and didn't turn back.
As for this little guy, he is pure speed on his scooter. He rides his 2 wheel scooter like it's his job! The first few weeks of the winter season were tough on Lincoln. With each passing day, the weather grew colder and he became more bitter about not being able to go outside to ride his scooter. It was pure torture for us to hurry him inside from the cold weather only to leave his scooter alone, without a rider for days on end. Eric has caved a few times, bundling the kids up and taking them out on clear days and letting them enjoy some time to zip around the driveway for a short while. Even if the weather was in the low 40's. And this girl... oh yeah! This big girl started Pre-K at school! Elaina goes 3 half days during the week and absolutely loves being in school. Her enthusiasm hasn't wavered in the months since school began. In my telephone conference with her teacher last week, she reported that Elaina is one of her brightest students in the class (of 10) and very social and friendly. The teachers have been impressed with her language skills and memory. Pre-K has been an excellent experience for Elaina, but it leaves this 4 year-old beat by the end of the school day. Oh, the hectic life of a preschooler!

This picture of Lincoln pretty much says it all. He's so cute and SO mischievous!!! This boy is stealth! The 2's have hit Lincoln in just about every stereotypical fashion. He has begun hitting, yelling, pushing, kicking and having a hard time learning to share. Yep... our boy is 2. VERY, VERY 2. But seriously, when he flashes that Sweetheart Smile... OH, how I melt! God I love this little StinkerBoy!
Four is fun age for a girl. Elaina continues to be into all things Girly. The more girly, the better. The best part is, she wants to do as much stuff with her mommy as she does her daddy. This is the same girl who demands to wear a dress every day no matter what the day holds. In the same moment, she is also the child asking her dad when he's going to take her hunting and when they can go camping together. She loves everything sparkly and glittery, yet she asked to see the groundhog her dad shot - just to see what a dead groundhog looks like. Not grossed out or anything. Just - "Oh." "Daddy could we go get Slurpees?"
And this My Friends, is what my blog is all about.

Because everyone needs a starting point...

Even if it's to restart a project for the 4th or even 5th time.

The good news; I'm energized. I'm refreshed. I want to renew my blog! (and get my Lovely, Well-Meaning Family off my back over Blog Guilt!)

I'm not going to spend a moment longer dwelling on why I have taken such a long hiatus from blogging other than to say that it's a blog worth saving!

My fresh approach: tidbits.

Yep. Tidbits of our lives. As they happen. I'm not the best writer, nor am I the most witty, but my kids and some of our daily occurrences are well worth noting and a blog is just the spot for all of that. Of course it always has been, but I'm considering this my written permission slip for "quantity performance" over "quality." It's a recession People; it's time for cutting back!

Join me in a toast: "Long Live THE BLOG!!"