Friday, January 29, 2010

Because everyone needs a starting point...

Even if it's to restart a project for the 4th or even 5th time.

The good news; I'm energized. I'm refreshed. I want to renew my blog! (and get my Lovely, Well-Meaning Family off my back over Blog Guilt!)

I'm not going to spend a moment longer dwelling on why I have taken such a long hiatus from blogging other than to say that it's a blog worth saving!

My fresh approach: tidbits.

Yep. Tidbits of our lives. As they happen. I'm not the best writer, nor am I the most witty, but my kids and some of our daily occurrences are well worth noting and a blog is just the spot for all of that. Of course it always has been, but I'm considering this my written permission slip for "quantity performance" over "quality." It's a recession People; it's time for cutting back!

Join me in a toast: "Long Live THE BLOG!!"


1 Welcome Comments:

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Pictures of Grandma's darlings! As much as it means to me to keep up with what the Munchkins are doing, one day Elaina and Lincoln will love looking back on their "baby-years." And if they are anything like their Mother, they will demand to know why you didn't write MORE about them. Love you. Grandma H.