Monday, April 26, 2010

Extended Vacation...

and I'm not just talking about the remainder of the week in Florida we spent visting Eric's parents! Hello.... would someone care to actually BLOG over here!!! Jeez.

This final vacation post has taken FOREVER, but these pictures are truly priceless. On the first day we spent with my in-laws, the weather was the warmest (70'ish), the sun was shining and it was time to hit the beach. Even though there was a slight chill to the air and the water was freezing cold, it wasn't enough to deter any one of us from taking the plunge in the crisp, biting waves of the ocean. Fully clothed and the whole bit! Here's something: see the silhouette to the far left? Oh! Hey! That's me! I went on vacation and actually turned up in a photo! Just as we began to sink our toes in the sand, I joked to Eric that maybe he could take a few clicks on the other side of the camera, so as to get some pictures of me with the kids. (which I have very few of because The Hubs doesn't take pictures - and usually it's only the 4 of us) It was then that my very generous Mother-in-Law offered to take my camera for a whirl. And she wasn't stingy with the picture taking either - she got some amazing shots! In fact, she captured some of the most beautiful moments we shared with our kids. As for the days following, we finally caught up on some sleep, we went to the pool, shopped, went to a children's museum (to which I forgot my camera!) and enjoyed the laid back style of what vacation is all about. With the added bonus of a very doting grandma and grandpa to help entertain our kids!Even though our kids were mostly napless throughout our entire stay, not to mention Very late bedtimes, I was so proud (and impressed) to see that they were able to behave for the most part given all of the activity that came along the way. It actually made me think that vacation is getting easier already and more enjoyable with young kids. Last year, in comparison, was work. Good work, but definitely more involved when there was a 1 and 3 year old to look after. All in all, we had a wonderful winter vacation and LOVED spending time and making memories with our family. To my Grandma, Aunt Shirley, my Dad and my In-Laws: thank you for your hospitality, your never ending energy and all of the little things to make our vacation so enjoyable. It never would have been the same without you!