Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Picture Gallery Tuesday

Since I'm a little short on time tonight (and imagination) I've compiled some recent pictures that have slipped by but that I absolutely love.

Here is the first picture I've taken in 2008. Since it appears as though Lincoln has the upper hand with his sister, maybe this is a prediction of how things will be changing this year as he gets older.
Okay, so what you are about to see is a set of pot holders. Regular, old, snowman pot holders.

When you are 2 years old and you have unlimited imagination, these same old pot holders can easily become something else.
After gearing up with safety approved, protective pot holders on her feet, Elaina began to talk about "spunchin cups." Silly old mom that I am, I had no idea where she was going with spunchin cups until she began to climb the wall, saying she was going to rescue the birds. (Have I mentioned that Elaina has an awesome imagination?) I realized that she was talking about suction cups and was most likely referring to an episode of Go Diego, Go! Duh.
I also realized that since Elaina and Lincoln have recently begun taking baths together, I haven't gotten any cutie nekked pictures of them together. They really enjoy being together and Elaina asks for Lincoln to take a bath with her.
She really does love her baby brother.
And how could you resist this?
Like most of Ohio, Monday night was all about the Buckeyes. Lincoln on the other hand, just wanted someone to get him a bottle.
Who do you think this could be? So maybe that is where my sweet 2 year old has been hiding. On Sunday, Eric took Elaina to his favorite outdoor store, Cabella's, in West Virginia. I can only think that it's just a matter of time until he will have Elaina out in the woods hunting with him. And I know that Elaina will go with him gladly.
Whatever am I going to do with them?

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Tracy said...

Seriously, the picture of Lincoln is GREAT! I could just eat him up, but I won't. I also LOVE how pictures turn out in the tub. Singing is not the only thing that looks/sounds good in the tub. My favorite pictures of my girls are in the tub.