Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Toddler Idol!

So what if she's only 2 1/2?

Just maybe, she doesn't happen to have the posh style and stage etiquette of every other toddler singer.
Elaina's latest audition for our home performance of "Toddler Idol" makes me laugh, roll my eyes and squeeze her to pieces because she is all mine.
Check out her classy performance.
Yes, my Darling Angel claimed her stinker as her own! 'Atta girl! I wonder what Simon would say about that?

And just because he's cute...Lincoln's burned finger is considerably better. When he woke yesterday morning, his blister was larger than life and truly looked deformed. It looked like I taped a giant cotton ball on the end of it as that is how swollen it had become. Over the course of today while playing at the babysitter's house, his blister finally broke and drained and is looking true to size yet, with a very visible burn scab on the front.

And just because this has become so rare in our house as of late, I just need to report that Elaina and I had the very most enjoyable bedtime routine tonight. Eric was attending his weekly fire meeting, Lincoln (unfortunately) had bonked his head on his dresser (run of bad luck for my baby) and had since gone to sleep and Elaina and I got some quiet mother-daughter time. I think that we've been successful in making her sleep out her cranky/spoiled/badness that had occurred after the grandparent weekend and she's back on track. Finally. Tonight we read books, we had girl talk and we said our prayers together. All of this without a single "I want / I don't want / No Mommy" attitude. We were both due for finding that lovable, easy- going, little sweetheart again. I missed her smiles and her joy while she was PMS'ing.

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