Sunday, May 11, 2008

Party Tour: Part 2

Any guesses on what party took place this day??!?!

Lincoln's first birthday party!
This was such a busy, great day, I think that picture-narration will just work best for the highlights of the day. A great day to celebrate our big boy turning one year old and to celebrate our mother's on their special day.
Not only was this cake cute as ever, it is my favorite on this earth. My Mom's cake is a strong runner up though. Don't stop baking Mom!
Lincoln's "smash cake" just for him!
He was hesitant at first to get his hands so "involved," but after a little encouragement and a nudge of his fist into the cake, he put his best effort forward.
And he loved it too! I'm teaching this boy right!
My sweet boy looking every bit delicious!
Trust me that Elaina ate her share of cake and an ice cream cone after that. The child ate nothing resembling nutritious all weekend long.
Evan kept asking if we were going to play a party game. Huh? A party game for a one year old's birthday party? Um, not exactly. So, since I purchased books as party favors for each kid, I had them put on their party crowns and race to see who could open their present first. That counts as a game, right?
My lovely husband and equally darling son. It seems as though Eric didn't get behind the camera even once and it appears as though I wasn't even in attendance at my own son's birthday party. Isn't this what big sisters are for? Helping the wee ones to open their gifts. And play with them first.
Finally, it was Mother's day also and it was great to have both of our mom's to spend the day together and celebrate Lincoln, our family coming together and having children that we love so dearly.
While I'm not sure why this picture copied sideways (since it wasn't when I posted it), this is my Mother's Day card from my little munchkins. On the back there is a certificate to enjoy a massage at a local relaxation center that I've wanted to go to. I have to say, my family is good to me! Thank you Love!

A great day to celebrate Lincoln, our wonderful mother's and being together as a family to share such happy moments! It's about time!

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