Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Party ON!

Since I haven't posted in a few days since my Fisher Price party, did anyone begin to wonder if I survived? No? A party in which babies and toddlers outnumber the adults and in the home of someone who can't stand not having symmetrical pillow shapes flanking the sofas? ( <---- okay, I'm really not that obsessed, but I really do like the appearance of symetric pillow shapes on my sofa)

Well, let me just tell you about my cool party. Eric spent Friday night putting together all of the toys and learning how to hook up the (super cool) wireless, "Smart Bounce & Spin pony" and we hid all of the new toys in another room until the guests arrived. And speaking of my party guests, there was a little issue with that. Fisher Price encouraged each hostess to invite at least 10 kids aged 6-24 months that were certain to attend. The problem I ran into was that I didn't necessarily want to invite too many more than 10 because I only had 10 nifty FP party favor bags to give to my guests. As the day drew nearer and most everyone was confirmed, I learned that 2 (sibs) guests were battling a cold the morning of the party, one kid came down with a super high fever and two of the moms of my potential guests, had work obligations and couldn't make it. I ended up with 7 kids in all, counting my kids. Not as nutty, crazy, busy, messy, loud and crowded as I suspected and I was alright with that.

The kids all had a really great time playing with the new Fisher Price toys which made for great photo opportunities, just as Houseparty had expected. I made such a point to capture the guest-children in poses, taking for granted that I would have plenty of pictures of my kids as always, but the opposite was true. My little Turdletts only wanted to play on the slide because I moved it to a new area of the living room. Twice. Turds.

Here is a link to my party page on their website. Look for Lincoln wearing an orange shirt and Elaina in long ponytails and a white shirt. Somehow they managed to stay mostly clear from the camera and were just as happy to have other kids to play with at their house. I drew two lucky winners to take home 2 of the younger age category toys and kept the 2 toys that I saw my Monkeys enjoying the most.

All that has asked for in return is to simply complete a short survey about the party, posting pictures and videos to the their party website and a comment on their blog that highlights the fun we had at my party.

Hooray for Fisher Price and great, free toys! It was an awesome experience for me and my guests, now go sign up and when you get selected to host a fabulous, new party, don't forget to invite me over!

2 Welcome Comments:

Kelsey said...

The party looked like so much fun! Which toys did you keep?

Laura said...

I kept the spin & bounce pony and the lights and sound activity table. Those two were more of my kids' age bracket vs. the other two. The more baby-aged toys went to age appropriate winners also, so it worked out perfectly!

So, have you signed up with Houseparty yet? I'd love to see someone else get to party with loads of freebies and friends! It was so worth it!