Thursday, September 04, 2008

How Awesome is this?

If you recall from my 50 Random Things post a short while back, I mentioned that I got selected to host a Fisher Price party through

So here I am to gush about the caliber of awesomeness of which I am so excited to be a part of. First of all, I came across information on through a random bargain blog that I read and went over and signed up a quick little profile of myself and hoped that something peeked my interest that I could experience a party of my own. The whole concept of hosting a houseparty boils down to select families across the U.S. are chosen to host a theme-type party in which a major company sponsors to get real reviews, reactions and opinions from real, live potential customers. The company sends you a boat load of free goodies that they want feedback on and in turn, you host your friends over to party with you and all they ask in return is your feedback and pictures posted on their Houseparty blog. Easy! Awesome!

When I first signed on, I was a bummed out because I had missed the sign up for hosting a taste testing of the new Hershey's Bliss chocolate candy that has recently hit the stores. (BTW: DELISH!) The company continued to send e-mail announcements of party themes to host and Fisher Price soon struck my eye as they were looking for kids aged 6-24 months and I already have one of those! Plus, I know lots of those!

Out of over 100,000 registrants who applied for the Fisher Price party, only 1,000 were selected. The specifics required to the host to have 10 or more 6-24 month old children in attendance and hold the party between Sept. 6-7. That way 10,000 families are hosting the same party all across the U.S. at the very same time. How cool is that?

The really, really awesome part of the whole party is that Fisher Price has sent me such an incredible load of new toys and age appropriate party favors for each guest. Also included were gift bags, coupons, product manuals and batteries. Seriously!
Here are some pictures of my jackpot:

The Party Favors:

The following are mine to keep, but seriously, do my kids really need 4 new giant toys and where would I put them? I've chosen to keep 2 of my kids' favorites and pull 2 guests' names from a hat to win the other 2. Surely there will be 2 very appreciative babies and mom's who can enjoy these way more than my kids.

If you have a 6-24 month old kiddo and no plans for Saturday, stop on over, it sounds like my house is going to be a full blown Fisher Price fun house. Do you think I'll survive this? I have a lot of cleaning to do. Before and after. oh.

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