Thursday, March 11, 2010

SO much.

Have you ever had those kind of days in which you find yourself already at work, dressed for your work day and 2 hours into sitting at your desk, you decide to look down to make sure that your shoes match? And that your clothes coordinate.

Come on... I can't be the only one! Okay, maybe so.

There has been so much going on here lately that I hardly know where to begin to try an catch up. Maybe you can guess where this is going... YES! Bullet-point recap!! Sweet!

[edited to add: okay, so I can't find actual bullet points on here soooo... looks like hyphens will do!]

- One week ago today, we came home from a week long visit to various family members in Florida. The first half of our trip was spent with my grandmother while the latter was with my in-laws. For 7 straight days, our days were full, our kids were napless wonders and we were all spoiled rotten. A great vacation indeed! I will do my best to follow with pictures and a separate vacation post soon.

- Over vacation, that little Lincoln of mine became an explosion of energy, eagerness and enthusiasm. Maybe it was the favorable climate, maybe it was break from our routine or maybe it's because he's come upon a burst of maturing. Whatever it is, he is ever-complex and I look forward to telling you all about him in a future post.

- The saying is true: sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. This winter has found us safe, happy, mostly healthy and continually blessed. For this I am thankful. One who didn't bear the wintertime and (geriatric) life in general was our dog, Keegan. Keegan was laid to rest the week prior to our vacation. I'm pretty sure that a follow up post about him is necessary as well.

- In other random ramblings: I registered Elaina for Kindergarten. My truck (we bought new) hit the 100,000 mile mark at (almost) 7 years old. I ordered the most expensive vacuum cleaner of my life - a Dyson - which I am so anxious to fall in love with. The kids and I are leaving Eric behind this weekend to spend a night at my brother's house; our fun-line-up will blow my little kiddies minds! I can't wait! With a much needed break from our snow-filled state, our weather has finally hit a breaking point and I've already begun my psychotic- decrapification from my house - A.K.A.: Spring cleaning meets crack. We've gotten new furniture for Lincoln's bedroom and a full sized bed is being made. Within a few short months, I hope to have his bedroom transformed into a big-boy room. The most obvious reminder that my last baby is growing up and won't want to sleep in a crib until he's 7. Where does the time go???

Speaking of time, where do you suppose I am going to find the time to sit down to write all of these follow up stories? Has anyone discovered a way of making time stand still? Oh, and not have to get tired. <-- very important!

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