Tuesday, August 26, 2008

50 Finale, (Finally)

And the list continues...

31. We need a new trash can. The reason being, Lincoln is obsessed with the little flippy door on the trash can lid that conveniently makes his cars and blankets and toys disappear into the abyss. I tend to wonder how many cars we've thrown away before making this realization.

32. Since breaking up with my chiropractor, (remember me: stretching 10 mins/ day) (<---not happened once) I have resorted to buying glucosomine with chondrotin tablets to make this old, haggard body feel not so decrepit. Two days in, already noticing a difference.

33. Eric and I will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary this year and I want to plan an overnight getaway without the kids, but still don't know where to go or what to do with our grown up selves. It's fascinating to look for a place for us without having to worry about a nearby park, attraction or play area.

34. Elaina's hair has officially grown to her waist already at 3 years old. Wanna know how I know? I had to pull her hair out of her waistband the other day while I was dressing her. Simply gorgeous.

35. Lincoln loves taking baths. From the moment the bath water begins to run, he is already trying to lift his leg over the side of the tub to climb in. Whether or not he is clothed makes no difference to him, this kid wants to be in the tub. Now.

36. I suspect that Keegan is fully blind at this point. He has had macular degeneration for the past several years and in the past few months, he has gotten to the point where he can no longer judge distance nor direction without stumbling his way through.

37. Lincoln has learned to walk backwards. One day, he stumbled his feet in the backward motion and ran into the closed door and thought it was the funniest thing ever. What give with that kid?

38. I did my very last Tastefully Simple party on Sunday and actually ended it with much relief. I've already cleaned out and organized most of my supply closet and have a bundle of paperwork to recycle. This is a pretty good indication that my time is up and I'm ready to move forward.

39. What's a kid update without mention of Picky Pickerson? Elaina's appetite seems to be picking up only slightly. Basically, I'm talking about the difference between 6 bites of her hot dog versus only 4. Oh well.

40. Keegan is making it difficult for me to blog tonight as his fuzzy rump is producing the most severely toxic, gaseous fumes that could gag a skunk. I do it for you people. For you.

41. We're seriously discussing a very much needed kitchen remodel to potentially begin in the first part of next year. While I don't mean to sound ungrateful or unappreciative, living through remodeling again, only this time, with two kiddies in the house just scares the ever- loving bejesus out of me. The kids and I might need a place to stay, anyone have a spare room?

42. A teeny, tiny part of me is ready for summer to end. (Aack!) I love the fall weather and layered sweaters with long sleeves and great jeans and not having to worry about pasty white legs and shorts and bathing suits. As for winter, I can only handle and appreciate only about 30 days of snowy, cold days below zero and that's not a consecutive appreciation by any means.

43. I never thought that "50 Random Things" would take me almost a week to compile. I feel like I've addressed a lot of things that have been occupying our time and planting a seed for future blog topics. My mind feels clear of so many "remember to blog this" details.

44. I've gotten selected to host a Fisher- Price Houseparty on Sept. 6 with 10 babies (and moms)as our guests. The details are awesome and I can't wait to tell you more as the date approaches.

45. We still need to get Lincoln baptized. This topic weighs so heavily on my mind and there are so many circumstances involving church and religion that it's impossible to address them here, but will be definite material for a post of it's own.

46. Did anyone know that I could eat an entire tray of rice crispy treats all by myself. In one sitting. Have not completed, year- to- date, however, not ruled out.

47. My monkeys have come up with a fun, new toddler-sport. They climb the top of the slide ladder and dump themselves onto the sofa cushions, squealing with joy until the get up to do it again. I so much need my videos to upload.

48. I watched about 20 minutes of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. That's about 15 minutes more than I had watched up until that point. Why do I have to sleep?

49. I wish desperately for 9:30 bedtimes for me. It would only be possible if I saved absolutely every chore for the weekend and never had weeknight plans.

50. Keegan's butt smells so bad and I've finally reached my 50! I hope that you enjoyed the read and feel like you're a little caught up in the life and times of our little family.

Anyone want a smelly, blind dog?

2 Welcome Comments:

Kelsey said...

We had to get a new trash can when Harper and the dog started taking stuff OUT of it, yuck!

I'm glad the glucosomine with condrotin tablets are working for you, but holy cats that stuff is expensive!

Elaina's hair is gorgeous. Harper's is just starting to get longish, but it is too scraggly and desperately needs to be trimmed.

I will envy you a new kitchen, but NOT the remodeling part!

I've never heard about a Fisher-Price home party - intrigued!

Oh, me too about the Rice Krispy treats -LOVE them. Plus they are an easy peanut free treat to make for Harper when we need a backup in party situations.

Tracy said...

Plenty of room here, although I suspect the commute would kill you. Feeling your pain(although with a couple hundred dollars I could give you an easy way to make your unfinished portion seemed finished if only for 6 or 8 weeks. I lived in base housing for 8 years, honey there is NO house dilemma I can't fix (temorarily at least) You say the word and i can write you a full check list. I will even title it "Things and ways to survive a remodel and live in an unfinished portion of a house for the duration" (or something to that affect)