Sunday, September 21, 2008

However. Late. Anyhow.

While these pictures aren't exactly fresh from the memory card, they were still taken with the intent to post and worth the viewing. Here are some clips from my favorite moments in the past few weeks.

This was taken at our favorite park about 30 minutes from our house. This time, we remembered to bring some bread to feed the ducks and geese. Elaina was the "feeder" while Lincoln watched intently from his stroller. Next year he'll be big enough to throw on his own.
The first day our power went out, I stayed home from work and McDonald's was the closest place that still had power, thus providing a warm meal. There were at least 5 other moms there donning their ball caps (from not showering)(no power) with their anxiety-ridden children in tow. Lincoln was such a big boy exploring all of the tunnels he could maneuver. Since Elaina hardly stood still for longer than a second, this is the best picture I could capture. While playing with the other kids at the play area, I paused to hear that Elaina's voice was the loudest, serving as the director-of-pretend to all the children within earshot. She wasn't so much bossy, which I'm happy about, but she was definitely the ring leader to make sure everyone was going about the same pretend mission as herself.

On Monday evening, (our first night without power) we drove an hour and a half away to a friend's house to borrow a generator. We ate dinner at a restaurant and dressed the kids in their jammies right in the restaurant, ready for the long trip home and straight into bed in our already dark house.
This past Sunday, a friend of mine came over with her daughter, Ali so that the girls could enjoy a fun dress-up play date together. Every time I tried to take a picture of the girls posing in their finery, Lincoln wandered right in front of the camera, completely obstructing my view of the girls. He was like an ant at a picnic, coming over to see what we had for him. Lucky for him, I'm always happy to take a picture of his sweet, goldfish-chomping face!
Drum roll please.... ta-da-ta-da! The Fanciest Friends ever! Ali-bug and Driving Miss 'Laina.

2 Welcome Comments:

Kelsey said...

My sister loves ladybugs, if she ever saw that dress, she'd buy it for Harper in a heartbeat. How long were you without power?

Laura said...


I have to say that Harper would make a cute little ladybug. Every kid should dress like a bug from time to time!

We survived without power from 6:30Sunday night until early Wednesday morning. Not nearly as long as your strike, but with nowhere else to go, it was surely long enough!