Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Because I didn't forget my camera

I'm finally documenting proof that we existed last week...

There's nothing like a "3" year old helping to install windows.
Oh, this is just because I think this guy is handsome. With 2 big brown dogs here, it's hard not to get a dog tail in the way most of the time.

My mom picked up this little scooter bike for Lincoln and all he wants to do is push it around and make it go. He gets irritated if we put him on the seat.
Our first family trip to this little gem of a park close to home.
Elaina loved all fo the rides and felt so proud that she was able to ride almost all of them by herself.
Lincoln, on the other hand, nearly climbed out of my arms to ride the airplane ride like his big sis. It hurt me to have to make him stay, but 13 months isn't quite age-appropriate to be flying through the air just yet.
Elaina rode the carousel with my mom and according to Grandma's ringing ears, she squealed and shrieked with enjoyment for the duration. Look! Evidence that someone can operate the camera other than myself! Not a very photogenic picture, but heh, I exist!
And those were some of the great moments of last week. There's still so much that I need to get down, but the newly 3 year old child has been wearing me thin this week and I end up exhausted every night once we manage through dinnertime. It's not been easy, but progress is being made on the eating front. There's plenty more to come, I just need to stay awake to share it all.

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Kelsey said...

Gasp! The children must cease growing so big, it is happening too fast.