Sunday, June 01, 2008

They call it a revolution

I am so in love with our no commitment weekend deal we have going on here. It seems like after this weekend, our summer is snowballed into weekend something-or-others and not a lot of wiggle room for nothingness.

Eric spent the early part of the day fishing and catching more than his share of sunburn on his neck. The kids and I lazed around the house playing in our jammies and waiting until after naptime and the temperature to drop before going out. One funny thing that Elaina commented on this morning was our paper boy's careless method of delivering our morning paper to our doorstep. He sometimes fails to put it in a bag on rainy days (even if delivered IN the rain) and sometimes just forgets to hassle with that pesky little rubber band that holds each of the 128 sheets of paper and sale ads intact. Funny how he would forget that. Anyhow, we heard the roar of his pick up truck from outside and saw him pulling from the driveway. Immediately, Elaina wanted to go downstairs and see if that paperboy remembered the "band." On our way downstairs, she said, " If the paper boy doesn't have the band on it, we write him a bad letter. If he does have the band on it, we write him a funny letter and one to grandma and one to Nana and yadda-yadda-yadda." Okay, seriously, the child's memory floors me. It was about 3 months ago that we had our first incident with the paper boy not banding our paper together. Needless to say, I was collecting the Sunday paper from all over the backyard. (Did I mention that it was all over?) At that time, I commented in Elaina's presence about that darned paper boy not doing a very good job. She remembered this and wanted to check on him right away. Amazing.
Once Eric got home, I convinced him, with the help of our smiling, clingy children, that he should come along to the local grocery store with us since we were just about to leave before he walked in. As we were preparing to leave, Elaina was working on a project that she called her "compiano." I believe that would be a cross between a computer and a piano? She had pulled off every sheet of a narrow notebook pad of paper and laid them out very systematically across the floor. Thus creating the world's first compiano! What it's function was? We'll never know.
Part of my bribe to get Eric to come along to the store was a stop at the playground to surprise the kids. We pass this particular playground all of the time, but since we have our own park within walking distance, we rarely sway to any more options. I knew it was going to be the kids' new favorite the minute we pulled in. It has so much variety and not overly mature for our kids' ages. It looks like I may have volunteers to come along to the store with me more often.

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