Sunday, July 06, 2008

And the reason is...

From time to time, I feel like it's my privilege and my right to do some creative editing on my part as the exclusive writer of this little ol' blog of mine. Okay, whatever. Basically, you may want to check out this birthday post that I've written to Lincoln and this one to Elaina that I squeezed in with a back date.

The reason that I sometimes hesitate on my most important post and the sole reason that I am a self admitted horrible return e-mailer is because of timing. I feel that if I don't have time to make it just perfect, I don't do it. Ironically, my strive for perfection sometimes presents in such a way that it back fires on me. When I don't do my kids' birthday letters on time, I feel like a bad parent for not making time on their special day and when I don't promptly return e-mail, I look like an uncaring friend. So there you have it, my dirty little secret of posting. Feel free to take a minute to click on back and see if my timing paid off.

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