Thursday, July 17, 2008


Elaina has recently discovered my fancy box of sparkly powder that I had shoved in the way-back of my dresser drawer. It was shoved back there for the same reason that it was discovered by. Anyhow, it contains a powder puff pre-filled with sparkly, scented powder. Needless to say, it was love at first shine for my three year old.

In the past few days, this sparkle powder has served as Elaina's go-to-fix each morning for some extra girly pampering for the day. This morning she seemed quite alarmed upon examining her outstretched arms and realizing they were missing their lovely shine. She told me that she was missing her "sprinkles." I told her that as soon as it was time to get dressed, I would powder her. All of five minutes passed and without warning, Elaina somehow went into full-blown "fragile" mode. Everything on her hurt. Her forehead hurt. Her foot hurt. Her arm hurt. Her hair hurt. Very delicate, that girl. I asked her if some sparkle powder would make her feel better and with the very most pathetic, whimpering, "Mm-hmm" she could muster, I fixed her fragile little self with just a pat of of my powder puff. I somehow doubt that Lincoln will go for this magic when he turns 3. Second thought, I really hope Lincoln isn't into powder puffs and sparkles past age 2. What kind of magic do you suppose I could conjure up from a toy truck?

4 Welcome Comments:

Kelsey said...

What fun, isn't it nice to see that kind of thing go to use?

I'm assuming you don't wear sparkle powder to work on a daily basis.

grandma h. said...

Gee, Laura, why would you have sparkle powder? Could it be that you like it even though you know that it would be tacky for you to wear it? Elaina is a girly-girl just like her mother.

Laura said...

Okay, okay people. I do wear sparkle powder!!! Oh, the TRUTH!
But only sometimes, and only in some spots and only with certain outfits and it's really more of a "shimmering sheen" than blatant glitter sparkles! There's a fine line y'know. I have the Mary kay version made for adults, or those who like to pretend to be.

Why do I suddenly feel like I'm blushing beneath my "shimmering sheen?"

grandma h. said...

I love my girly-girls. More sparkle to us.