Friday, July 04, 2008

Stalling in my pasture

Why, oh why was I blessed with an extra helping of the procrastination gene?

Seriously, I look around my house and see so many things that need done and have needed done and things that I should have done months ago and wonder to myself, how can I get so behind in such a short amount of time?

I do manage to keep up with the basic needs of the household. I mean, we do wear clean, laundered and pressed clothing. Dinner is cooked and cleaned up each night. All of us keep bathed and groomed pretty consistently. And I can walk through my house without tripping over mounds of mess and disaster. What I'm talking about is how I can let myself blatantly ignore important things like transferring funds from my Tastefully Simple parties. Not putting away my consultant supplies from my last TS party. 2 weeks ago. And not making myself concerned with the baskets of unclassified "stuff " that have been laying in the upstairs hallway for over 3 weeks.

How is my OCD self okay with this mess? I really can't figure it out. Even more than that, I can't seem to make time for my precious, all-important blogging. What gives? Every day I'm thinking of new things to share and I feel like I'm in the hole with about 14 new topics I wanted to touch on here. Now where will I find time for that? I see that other moms keep up. Why can't I join their club? Is there a coffee drinking minimum? I've been thinking about starting the habit and being hyped on caffeine for 20 hours out of my day, but I don't know that I can bear as much as the smell of coffee.

Well, before I get lost in more random ramblings, let me share the instances of cute that have happened here.

Mommy: Elaina, do you need to go potty?
Elaina: No Momma.
Mommy: Are you sure? It's been a while.
Elaina: Momma! Momma, look at my butt! (pulling down her pants to moon me) It doesn't need to go potty!

And then there's my sweet Lincoln who, unlike his sister, prefers music over books and reading any day. Everything in his world stops to watch and listen to me sing (he doesn't judge my off-key, tone deaf, rhythm) and always claps his hands when I finish. As I was holding him tonight, I was singing him a little made up Lincoln song to which he awarded my finale by dropping his blanket and toy car from his hands to begin to clap for me. Maybe he's just glad I stopped.
Darn he's cute.

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grandma h. said...

Dear Daughter, Maybe scientists don't know about a cure for household OCD, but most mothers do. It's simply too much to do and not enough time to do it in. So you prioritize your life -- your kids, your husband, your job, your friends, your house and way down on the list, your self. Things can jump around on the list but the list will always be there. There will be so many times that you will wish your day was at least 30 hours long. But since that isn't possible, you will have to make trade-offs -- to do a fantastic job with the list items that you can get to in a day or do a mediocre job with the list items and get to as many as possible. And then as you age and stress start to weigh you down the OCD vanishes entirely and instead you keep your sanity. Like they say in the movie Jurassic Park -- life will find a way.

Tracy said...

I like your new look. when you have children that cute, OCD tendencies are allowed to take a vacation. (of course beware because in my case, when they kick back in, it is in super overdrive.) Don't you just want to scoop them up, and store them away so they never change?