Monday, March 20, 2006

Bye Bye !!

Today Elaina learned how to wave "bye- bye !" She is a very diligent student as we only introduced her to the motion yesterday ! I guess that it just hadn't occurred to us that it's a worthwhile baby-gesture that we should probably share with her. In the meantime, however, I've been trying to use some baby sign- language with her during her feedings. She thinks that I am hysterical as I offer her sippy cup and gesture "juice" to her. ( it's a sign I made up myself - but I never thought it was so funny ! I form an "L" shape with my hand and bring it toward my mouth. If you are 8 months old - that's humor ! ) Our signs are fairly limited at this point; we have signs for food, more, and of course, funny-juice. Even without relying on signs, we seem to communicate very well together. Whenever she is feeling sleepy, she automatically stops what she's doing, lets out a little whimper and crawls to me and climbs me until I scoop her up with a big hug. What could be sweeter ? Luckily, her meal schedule suits her belly- schedule just fine. She eats every four hours, alternating bottle only then baby food & milk or juice. Although we're not strict about a tight schedule, consistency is important and it is so helpful to our babysitter as well. More importantly, Elaina knows that her needs will be met. How could you deny that sweet, little girl anything ? Chocolate pudding, anyone ?