Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Indulging With Dad

Have you ever wondered how we got such a sweet baby ? We feed her chocolate pudding, of course ! Mmmm ! What a sweet treat for a little girl. When I got home from work today, Eric had dinner on the stove, Elaina was zipping around the kitchen in her walker and while I was in the next room for only a minute I heard, " Mmm ... don't tell Mommy and I'll give you another bite. This has got to be better than that 'old baby food' that Mommy feeds you... yum. Elaina likes dessert." Curious what type of dessert my baby loves - and loves to share with her dad, I peeked around to find my child sitting in her walker with a chocolate-pudding- mustache and beard ! That's my girl !

When Elaina was about 2 months old, we stopped at an ice cream parlor and Elaina had gotten her first sample of our favorite frozen indulgence - ice cream ! Eric and I had both ordered cones (and one for Keegan too) and we dipped the tip of Elaina's binky into some chocolate ice cream. With her lips tightly gripped around her binky, searching for more chocolate flavor, she was hooked ! She's been sweet ever since.

Maybe we wouldn't get the seal of approval from a dietician or even our pediatrician but we've always attempted to offer Elaina a taste of "real food." Everything from mashed potatoes to lemons. Her expressions are priceless, as if to say, " Did you mean to give that to me ?" She doesn't seem to be a picky eater - thank God ! She loves her baby food menu and takes her juice at dinnertime in a transitional type sippy- cup. She has yet to be sold on peas and carrots (jarred baby food), but then again, it looks as though it's already gone through her when you first open the jar. I can't blame her - yuck !

Now more about Elaina and her dad. They have taken up a new evening ritual. Let me give you a little background before I catch up to date. Unless you've been living under a rock, you have to know that the new season of American Idol is in full swing. I made a reluctant Eric watch the auditions with me as the contestants are pure comedy. The auditions ended, the singers are chosen and Eric continues to watch. The DVR recorded version of course. Eric hasn't missed a show, even offering his own critique to the singers and trying to guess which each of the judges will have to say. Is this really my husband ? That's just a funny story in itself ! So, the other night, Eric gets home from bowling and he's playing in the living room with Elaina and then, very soon, they both get very quiet as I hear the TV on. Moving into the living room, I see Eric sitting indian - style in front of the TV with Elaina propped in between his legs, sucking on her binky, with her full attention on American Idol ! Eric turned to me and said that she loves the show. She gets a little impatient between singers, but otherwise, sits still and enjoys the songs ! Did I mention that she is a sweet girl ?

Since Eric is due back from bowling any minute now and American Idol is being recorded, their Daddy - Daughter date will begin very soon !

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