Saturday, March 18, 2006

Good Girl, Bad Boy

Today I was a housewife. Eric left early yesterday morning to work a gun show in Pennsylvania and Elaina and I had no plans for the day whatsoever. We spent last weekend in the curtain aisle in every store throughout Stark County. ( In fact we shopped for 7 hours straight with no luck ! She was so good ! ) Since Eric is repainting our bedroom, we need to bring some style to our windows with new window treatments. After a long week at work and late bedtimes for mom & dad, I was looking forward to some down time with my little precious. Now if you were Keegan, of course you would think that I am referring to you. Nope. When Elaina was born we weren't the only ones whose lives changed in a big way. Our spoiled rotten baby, Keegan, took a backseat to the hugs and kisses around the White house. He has been exceptionally patient with Elaina and he gets plenty of "good boy ! " encouragement for that. However, our furry bundle of joy (Keegan, that is) has gotten a bad case of spring fever. All day I tried to balance getting laundry caught up and play time with Elaina and Keegan put himself in the middle of everything, wanting me to throw his toys and play with him. Everytime I walked into the kitchen, he ran to the back door, waiting his turn to go out and play. Too bad it's 30 degrees outside and not much chance of that for today. His heart's desire would be to play ball outside until his little, arthritic legs fell off -- but today he was just craving attention. Please don't believe that this baby is being abused in any way, but today, he was quite the puppy-pain. On the other hand, Elaina was an angel today. We got lots of quality play time together - while tossing Keegan's "baby." We read some books - and tossed Keegan's baby. She enjoyed her lunch and dinner baby foods - while Keegan begged. And we played upstairs in her room - while Keegan whimpered at the bottom of the stairs. How far can you stretch one mommy ? Today, I felt like a single mom, taking care of twins ! Oh well, during Elaina's nap, I patted her twin brother and rubbed his ears and belly and wagging his tail, he let me know that he still loved me ! That is until tomorrow when his "fever" strikes again !

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