Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Running Out, Crying and Revision

Tonight is just a random bag of craziness around the White House.

To begin with, to know me, is to know that I hate to run out of anything. I always try to have a fully stocked inventory of just about everything on hand. It's genetic. Don't even get me started on my mother's inventory - sorry Mom ! After reading this, you'll see that I am every bit as guilty. It seems as though Elaina generally eats about 3 jars of baby food each day. She has so many favorites and I try to fit in each of the food groups throughout her day. When I found out that our local IGA store had baby food on sale, I went full speed ahead preparing the stockpile. I bought 60 jars. Now you have to realize that is approximately enough to supply about 3 weeks. Lucky for me that I have enough storage for 60 more jars on top of the 20 currently on hand. So I plan ahead. No more baby food shopping for a month !! Sounds like a baby- buffet to me !

Now, about this baby..... our sweet tempered, little angel had a bit of a rough patch tonight. On a typical day she rarely fusses or cries except when she is tired and her binky usually is enough to soothe her. Not tonight. Just after giving her a bath (she smells so good) she lost touch with herself. Ohhh the crying..... and crying, which lead to her coughing and practically gagging herself. This is only blog-worthy because it is so out of the ordinary. Her meltdown lasted no more than 10 minutes and then she was dressed in her jammies and cuddled with mom and a warm bottle to follow. Good night, Baby.

And finally, as the writer, editor, historian and narrator of this blog, I feel that I owe you the truth. In regard to yesterday's entry in which our prodigy child learned "bye-bye" practically on her own.... that wasn't the whole truth. And now, for the rest of the story. As I dropped Elaina off at the babysitter's house this morning I was beaming with pride as I shared with her Elaina's new trick. She told me that they had been working on that since Friday. Oh. Well, I can still gloat that after 2 days of no practice with the babysitter, she retained the gesture as if it was second nature. So, I'll be the first to say that I am still every bit as proud as my daughter and it still makes me melt when she flaps her little arm in the air with her sweet, little smile !
Now, as little, Sweetness is fast asleep, on her behalf, she'd like to say, "Bye- bye !" for now.