Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Shall We Begin ?

And here I sit. About to embark on a web journal documenting our baby's life from her 8th month of life and more. Oh what a fun ride ! I am truly convinced that Elaina was custom made for Eric and me. She has her dad's temperament ; easy going and relaxed and her mom's humor; she is a silly little clown alot of the time. What a wonderful blessing to have such a beautiful, happy baby to love and squeeze each and every day !
Since Elaina is already 8 months old, it seems as though there will be ample room to report her daily activities and achievements and provide plenty of flashbacks of her first 7 months. To begin, at this point she has become a crawling champion. About one month ago, she was beginning to discover that alot of her favorite toys were just out of her reach. So, if she wiggled on her belly and pushed with her legs, she could get ahold of her toys and so many more things that mom & dad wish were out of her sight ! The belly-wiggle lasted about one week until she discovered that the hand and knee position gave her a better view to map out her course. Once this happened, Eric and I knew that our lives had just changed ! Within one week, she was all over the room. The belly-wiggle and "turtling" on her back was no more.
We are very fortunate that Elaina's daily schedule is pretty consistent. Right now, I am stealing away, neglecting all housework and laundry to brag about my girl as she is taking her evening nap. Before her nap, she was squealing with laughter and her little gurgly giggle as mom and dad tickled her and played "get the baby." That involves me holding her as I push her back and forth to daddy only for him to tickle her and kiss her. Always a guarantee for some squeals ! I love that she loves to interact with us more than she likes to play with toys or anything else. How long do you think we can make this last ?
So before I go to wake up Sleeping Beauty, I would just like to add that although my posts may not make an appearance everyday, and who knows how long it may take my electronic-illiterate-self to figure out how to post pictures - I want to welcome you to our website and I hope that you enjoy our story !

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Kate said...

Welcome to the world of blogs! It will be so fun to hear about Elaina's antics.