Thursday, October 02, 2008

The 90's were bad enough

Lucky for me that I didn't have a digital camera 15 years ago because if I did, I would mostly feel compelled to reach into the depths of my stored pictures online and root around for a senior picture of myself. Alas, I don't. And I'm not about to scan one. No Sirree. Go through all of the trouble to just be able to give you a side by side, mind-burning image of this:Scary, no? Sorry. This could have been my class picture if I had graduated high school the same year as my mom. Freaky, right? God, and to think that I often feel like I take too much time doing my hair as it is. Can you imagine all that work to get that result? **cringe** And the glasses? **goosebumps** (Mom, I'm sure you looked gorgeous anyhow.) Dear Lord I can only imagine what my kids will say one day as they look back on photos of me and how I've dressed them. On the other hand, since I'm always the one behind the camera, they may never know what I looked like in the first place.

Try on any year you'd like at, and don't forget to let me know what a dated you goofball you look like too. Fair is fair.

The 90's may not have been so bad for me if only I had known that thick, Brooke Shields eyebrows and silk shirts buttoned up to your nose wouldn't be cool 15 years later. Then again, maybe I did. Maybe I didn't.

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Anonymous said...

You and your brother always looked great(especially considering how some of the neighbor kids dressed.) And yet every time you look back at the old pictures, you yell at me for dressing you in such weird clothes. Well now it's your turn beware of any extreme styles because 15 years from now your kids will be burning up their old pictures and yelling at you for dressing them so weird. Grandma H.