Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tumbling and Touring

Lately my weeks have just been whirlwinds of activities and craziness. (No wonder I'm posting out of order AND cheating by back dating AND offering excuses!)

Eric has recently been working late a few days each week which really throws a pipe wrench into my Tuesday night plans when Elaina has tumbling class and I'm having to tote Lincoln along with me for the duration. Because it's only a 45 minute class, I've been trying to be creative about how I plan my time there. The best plan I've come up with (only because the class is literally 2 blocks away) is zipping home from work, picking up the kids, making tumbling class to the minute, letting Lincoln bounce around before he decides that he wants to join the class, making our presence known to Elaina, jet home to throw dinner in the oven and pop Lincoln in the stroller and wheel our way back to pick up Elaina. Whew! Weather permitting, of course.

This past Tuesday, Eric arrived home after tumbling class finished and after the fastest dinner on record at the W. house, we even made it to the open house at the fire department. Although it's not like our kids can't go the the fire department whenever they want with Eric (Fire Captain Eric, that is) but the open house is a little more special with other kids there and really, they don't just have iced pumpkin cut out cookies and punch all of the time either. Here are some pictures of our crazy-fun trip to the fire station.

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