Thursday, October 16, 2008

Accessory Queen: Tumbling Optional

I had nothing to do with helping to pose this child. I may be guilty, however, of hyping up the start of tumbling class just a wee bit too much. Elaina was so excited to go to her class that she could hardly stand herself. I believe that I lost count after the 87th time she asked me if it was time to go yet. She was ready to be out the door. While I did let her choose which pretty, little, gymnast outfit that she wanted to wear with pants, she decided to kick it up a notch and accessorize her pretty, little, gymnast outfit herself. First she decided it was sunny and wanted her Ariel sunglasses. Okay. Next she reached for her bracelet. Reluctant; okay. And then Diva went all out and insisted upon sparkle earrings to match her bracelet. Oh. Dear. God.

All I have to say is that she got quite a few laughs as she walked her sparkly, little, fancy self into tumbling class. In her defense however, she was quite agreeable to take off her bling to go and play in the class when it was time.
What a girl.
The no-sparkle-forward roll.Like Elaina, I am so much looking forward to this session of tumbling for her. A friend of mine is the instructor and Elaina's best friend, Ali, is in her class once again along with several other little friends of hers. I'm excited that this year finds her older and more capable of doing new things. She's never been particularly fearful of anything, but seeing her try new things in someone else's care is big when you're three.
All in all, it was a great class for her, I just need to remember to not remind her what night is tumbling but spring it on her before she has a chance to say "sparkle."

4 Welcome Comments:

HollyLynne said...

She is insanely cute! I love that she's learning to accessorize early! :)

And . . . .CONGRATS! You won my pay it forward contest! Email me at hollymix(at)yahoo(dot)com with your shipping info and I'll send the earrings out to you.

Tracy said...

You got that leotard from Target didn't you? We have the same one! Too cute!

Kelsey said...

Okay, have you been introduced to Fancy Nancy? If Elaina doesn't have that book you MUST get it for her for Christmas - or at least check it out of the library and see if you like it.

Harper's all about the accessories too - especially when playing dress up, the more she can pile on the better!

Anonymous said...

looks like the snot shooter has cleared up gpa