Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Do you want me to tell you what our little family was doing just one year ago, today?
We got a Lincoln! More specifically, the state of Ohio, the United States of America, the North American continent and the upper crust of the universe will forever declare that today, Lincoln became our son.

Today is Lincoln's first anniversary of his Got-Me-Day! Like many adoptive families, celebrating the actual date in which the courts and every legal, binding document declares your child to be yours, happily, ever after; we celebrate Got-Me-Day.

God, just to think that one year has passed since we took our tiny, little boy into a courtroom filled with our family and friends and a magistrate making a final ruling of what our hearts had already known, just seems surreal. This is the same little guy who wags his right arm beside him as he chases around our house, lays on his tummy to watch the wheels on his cars roll and can't get enough of being outside. The same one who makes my heart melt with his toothy, baby smile and laughs so hard that I think he will surely run out of air. My son who I cling to tightly and can't think for a minute how our lives would have ever complete without him in our family. My blue eyed boy who bears an uncanny resemblance to my husband, who may never figure out if his real name is Handsome, Turdlett or Lincoln-Little. Each night as I squeeze my baby angel boy close to my heart, I can't begin to think of him ever belonging to anyone else. Though he didn't come from my body, he is everything that my heart, my hopes and my dreams could have created. In fact, he is more.

Lincoln, your family is so blessed to have you in our lives. There is no one who could ever love you more than we do and we thank God every single day to have the privilege of calling you our son. Your story began with a phone call and that was truly your very first Got-Me-Day. A day that made our lives richer than we ever thought possible. We love you, our Baby Angel Boy!

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Lincoln, You are so truly loved. The fact that you were adopted just means that you had a birth mother that loved you enough to carry you for nine months and then give you to the mother (and family) who will be able to love you for the rest of your life. You sweet wonderful boy, you fill our lives with happiness. Grandma H.