Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Picture Intermission

While this week is going to busy to the brim and full of something crazy everyday, I 'm going to try my best to keep up a little bit better with posting.

In a lame attempt to cover today's post, enjoy the following...

Lincoln has recently learned "Ring Around the Rosey" and even falls down right on when "we all fall. down."

I love his concentration face when he sticks his tongue out the corner of his mouth. Doesn't Michael Jordan do the same? Must be a sign of great talent, right?
They could ring around the rosey for seemingly hours.
I'm not really sure how to explain this on account that I didn't actual birth this daughter of mine, but Good GOD, she is so much like me. Neat and orderly, she has been stacking things, lining up objects and using them in creative play lately.
I don't think her video tapes saw this coming.

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Kelsey said...

They are getting so big Laura! I can't believe how long Elaina's hair is. What a couple of cuties.