Friday, February 09, 2007

Hanging in Here

I've decided not to "cheat" and backdate lots and lots of blogging simply because my creativity has hit an all time low and the fact that my warm bed and soft jammies are beginning to call my name. Besides, do you really need to hear about snot and fevers and how I've been coughing so hard that I think I can taste my esophagus? I can pretty much hear the resounding "NO" through my monitor, thank you very much. (And, you're welcome.)

I'm guessing that my last post gives you an idea of what joy this week held for all of us. Although none of us have really felt our best, it wasn't all pure yuck.
(Elaina and her Daddy are feeling well enough to share a cookie together !)

Remember Elaina's recent protests over bedtime? It seems as though they have come to an end just as quickly as they started. A phase, would you say? Even her evening tantrum sessions have come to a halt. (Near some wood? Would everyone please knock?!) Once again, there is peace in the home and we're settling in with a slightly altered bedtime routine. Before Elaina goes down for the night, we pick out books to read and cuddle close in the rocking chair before we say our prayers and give hugs goodnight. On Tuesday evening, Elaina climbed into the rocking chair by herself and began paging through her books. I asked her if she could sit on Mommy's lap to read? "Noooo." I asked her if Mommy could read books to Elaina? "Noooo." I asked if Elaina would read to Mommy? Nod of her head. ( Still not sure why she won't just say yes. Goofball.)

As I sat at her side as a captive audience awaiting my bedtime story, Elaina begins to jabber out loud the story of "Go Dog, Go." (Dr. Seuss) Although I didn't really understand what language she was "reading" she was certain to throw in a "woof, woof" every once in a while for good measure. When this story concluded 5 pages later, I asked Elaina to read Mommy "Goodnight Moon" since that is one of the books I have memorized and still one of her favorites. She happily complied and peeled herself from the rocker in search of my request. Once she had her prize in hand, she climbed back up and began turning the pages, starring at me for narration. She was absolutely adorable when she turned to me in anticipation to whisper in her ear when the "quiet, old lady whispering "Hush.'" With that, she leaned her head to the side of the chair, toward my mouth for me to whisper in her ear. So cute. She continued to turn the pages and look at me smiling for the rest of the story. Once she had enough, she handed her books over to me and I asked if she was ready for bed. Nod of the head. Now this was some kind of bedtime!!

Aside from sweet bedtimes and cold medicine, Elaina and I joined Eric for dinner at the bowling alley on his bowling night. Although Eric didn't break any records at the alley, he broke his fever of 103 at some point the next day. Since I tend to have some sort of sinus/ throat illness plaguing me 50 weeks out of the year, I have concluded that the culprit could be the filthy air that blows from a ceiling vent directly above my desk at work. On Thursday, my co-workers helped me to re-arrange my desk to be 4 feet further from the source and I talked with less-than-helpful maintenance men about blocking it or having it cleaned. That was a waste of my already precious breath. This week has also brought me to a visit to an ENT and CT scan of my sinuses ordered by the same doctor. Allergy testing for myself is scheduled for next week. I am determined to get to the root of the problem and want to put an end to my revolving door of illness once and for all. Fortunately, Elaina's sickness has been much more mild. Her cold symptoms have been limited to a slight case of the snotsies.

Very soon, we hope to all feel better and look forward to better days to come. IN FLORIDA!!!

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