Saturday, February 03, 2007

Let the excitement begin!

Since February is finally here, I've allowed myself to begin to get excited about going on vacation! WooHoo!
Just say it with me, v a c a t i o n ! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Okay. A calm, relaxing breath. Aahh. Let me just tell you that I am so ready for vacation. In only a few short weeks, the three of us will be leaving our snow covered iceland and flying to Florida to visit with my Grandparents. It's been years since Eric have been down to visit and this will mark Elaina's first trip to Florida as well as her first flight.

There are so many reasons to be looking forward to our trip. First and foremost is getting to spend some time with my grandma and grandpa (whom we will be staying with)and my Aunt Sandie. Obviously, they are the whole reason for the trip, but the perks that go with their company are pretty great too. With our outdoor temperature reading a high of 12 degrees all day long, the sunshine and warm weather is definately something to look forward to. I am ready to be reminded what warm air feels like on my bare arms and shoes without wool socks. I can't wait to trade in my 5 layers of winter clothes for capris and sandals! Yes!

Another great point of our trip is being able to share our 19 month old, Elaina with her great-grandparents. They were in Ohio for the majority of the summer, but since they have seen her last, she has grown and changed in so many ways- she is truly remarkable. This trip is about making memories for all of us and I just want for Elaina to know how much her great-grandparents love her and want to be a part of her life. Creating memories together will be a lasting part of our trip and Elaina will have stories and pictures to cherish when she's older.

Grandma and Grandpa - put the breakables up high and stock up the Cheetos - Elaina is coming to town! I've already started my packing list and I'm digging out my flip-flops. We can't wait to see you!!

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