Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Knock, Knock!

Brace yourselves for what you about to see....

IT”S A DOOR! A DOOR on my bedroom! A real, solid, oak door!
Hooray for ME!

At this point, you may find yourself thinking that Elaina’s mom may have finally lost it. Maybe, Daddy should be caring for Elaina exclusively until mommy can pull herself together a little bit.


Here’s a short story to help explain my excitement for the door. Imagine yourself as a newlywed buying a fabulous, spacious 19th century house loaded with beautiful woodwork and potential everywhere you look. Now, think about how you would feel if every single door in your dream house was destroyed by a neglected dog that was locked up in your rooms and had no other choice but to claw and scratch at the door just so someone would let him out. (Judging from the old carpet, being let out to do “business” outside hardly happened.) So, every one of our bedroom doors had been completely destroyed by too-deep-to-repair claw marks.

Since we gutted and remodeled our entire upstairs many years ago, we had yet to get around to ordering and being able to afford new doors. The time has finally come. The doors have arrived and Eric has hired a retired carpenter to drill out the hinges and lock sets for us. He came to our house while we were at work today and had two hung by the time we got home. It’s so exciting to see doors on our rooms after so long without them. Eventually, Eric will have to take them down to stain the wood color and then re-hang them. But in the meantime… we have doors. We’ll finally have more than a divider screen for privacy for our guests and a completely finished upstairs.

Only 7 more doors to go!

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