Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Side Show

Elaina's performance bank is brimming over with talent as of late.

What I mean by that is that she is an absolute performer. (This is her mother talking, of course.) I've decided that since she'll never be the greatest 19 month-old ever again (she'll be the greatest 20 month-old on Friday!) I really should compile a resume of her outstanding talent now for the sake of remembering.

Her talent roster goes something like this:

She knows all of the obvious sounds made by a dog, cat, cow, duck, bird, lion, tiger, horse, pig, sheep, monkey, mouse and wolf.

She launches her creativity when asked how an elephant goes?
She stretches her arm in front of her nose and blows air through her tightly, pressed lips, thus making a "pppbbttt" sound from her "trunk"

How does a baby go?

How does an alligator go?
With her arms outstretched, she says "chomp-chomp" as she claps one atop the other.

How does a pirate go?
"Arrr." (Sometimes her Dad can coax her into following her gruff "Arrr" with "Matey.")

What does a butterfly do?
She flaps her arms, I mean, wings gently at her sides and a soft expression covers her face.

What about a goose?
She pinches your nose and says "Honk!" (we get "goosed" several times a night as she takes great pleasure in seeing our twisted face reactions)

She knows how to march while chanting "march. march. march." She's almost rolling solo on a somersault and she's still working out the kinks in her intentional sad face. (it comes across as a head-tilted, distorted smile)

She is quick to point out a mess and loves to try to jump on her own.

Whew!! Good thing I got that all down now, it took me awhile to remember all of her sideshow tricks at one time.

In short, she continues to be our incredible little girl and every bit of our joy and reason to smile every day!

Now, if we could just get her to eat!!

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