Friday, June 08, 2007

1 Month Old!

I took my big, little guy to the pediatrician today for his one month well-child visit. Here is what we learned.

* Lincoln is 10.2 pounds (Seriously, can you believe that!)

* He is 21 1/2" long

*** He was prescribed infant antibiotics due to some congestion he has been experiencing for a few days now. He has not presented with a fever or drainage, but audible congestion as he sounds snorty from time to time. He has a cold. Also, he has thrush. Apparently, his congestion has been causing him to spit up more frequently and the formula deposited in his mouth has begun to create a baby yeast infection in his mouth.

It really isn't as bad as it sounds. Neither are very severe and both are easily treated with meds. I'm anxious to get our little guy feeling better and love all of his 10.2 pounds to squeeze in the meantime! 10 pounds!! Look at that belly rounding out!!

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