Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tea for Everyone

By 1:00 this afternoon, I suspected that I was already in over my head for as many things that I needed to do and the amount of time I had to do them in. In other words; the usual.

At that point, I made a decision to shock the socks off of my Type A self and threw my to-do list aside and enjoy a tea party with Elaina. Obviously, my 2 page list of chores, etc. would still be waiting for me as they always do. What a better way to unwind than an imaginary cup of tea and pretend cookies that bake in 2 minutes flat. If only baking were really that easy! Elaina invited only the most important guests to her party and when Lincoln began to make grunting noises as he woke from his nap, Elaina tugged at my arm saying, "Mommy, get Winkin!" So of course, Lincoln joined our party, still in his groggy, sleepy slumber but accompanied by a baby doll at his side as his date with his cup of tea on his lap.

I already know that we'll be enjoying tea much more often. How lucky I am to be a guest at such an exclusive party with such an exquisite hostess!

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Anonymous said...

As you know "Grammy" is not a Type A personality. However I do remember that if I gave my toddler daughter ten minutes of my undivided playtime, I went away refreshed and ready to work and she settled down and was happy because she felt loved. You will never remember the work you did that day but you will always remember the playtime the two of you shared together. Grandma H.