Sunday, June 03, 2007


And yet another wonderful weekend has come and gone. Just for the record, this is the very first weekend since Lincoln was born that we haven't had company staying for the weekend. As you may recall, my parents came first when Lincoln was born, then the in-laws, then my parents again and then our friends from out of town. Don't get me wrong, I love company and entertaining- but that's just a lot of keeping the house cleaned up and fresh sheets on the spare bed. After all, that's why we have a big house and welcome company anytime. Ready for a weekend getaway, give me a call, I'll make the beds!

Along about Thursday, Eric and realized that we didn't have a single thing going on for this weekend. Remember that we're home everyday together (maternity leave) and decided it would be nice to invite some friends over for a bonfire on Saturday night. See "dependant." We ended up calling some friends and had about 8 couples of our closest friends from the neighborhood join us Saturday evening. The best part about our group of friends is that there are 4 other kids that are Elaina's age and another little boy who will be in the same grade as Lincoln. I love already being able to establish playgroups with the kids and know the parents and kids that our children will be going to school with. How's that for forward thinking?

Sweet girls with their cupcakes!

The artists latest masterpiece!

In other news...

Regarding the house- Eric is making progress on his garage renovation/ addition. He finished insulating last week and the drywallers finished the walls today. As soon as the finisher comes to mud the walls, he'll be about 85% done with the garage. Forever and ever. Amen!

Regarding Lincoln- You'll never believe which little boy gulped down 6 ounces of formula tonight? Unbelievable! Lincoln is doing his best at growing so big, so fast! I wouldn't imagine that he is quite ready to take 6 ounces at every feeding, but just knowing that his little belly is growing so quick to accommodate 6 ounces already is impressive. Speaking of impressive, he is also doing his best to begin lifting his head up. He's not quite there yet, but I love to see his drive to want to do something new. He's still amazing, incredible and got his share of hugs and holds from about 6 other women last night! He did so well!

Regarding Elaina- Still no progress on the potty training front. I bought her a book about using the potty only to discover that I hate that book more than I ever thought possible. And guess what? Elaina loves it! That would be the only reason it's still exists in our house. It's true that the message is informative and on her level, but seriously, after the 97th reading of this book, hand me the matches! That's why I hate it so much. You may ask, "What does she do in the bathroom if she's not going potty?" Well, after Elaina sits for the duration of two readings of the aforementioned book I despise, she hops down and kneels to the ground and shouts, "Elephant time!" (?????) My beloved little weirdo begins making grunting noises as she laces her fingers together in attempt to pick up the imaginary elephant that awaits at the base of the toilet. Without fail, after about her third grunt and sighing "Ugh, hea-by" (heavy) Elaina says, "Mommy, hep me." (more straining grunting- this is a seriously big elephant we are dealing with here folks!) My job is to help her lift all of the elephants into the potty. Notice I said "all of them?" Oh yeah, my daughter couldn't just be happy with plopping 1 or 2 elephants in the potty. Nope. I usually help her lift about 7 or 8. Elephants. In the potty. I would only love to know how in the world she came up with this idea of putting elephants in the potty. And who knew we had so many imaginary elephants in our house in the first place?

And now... a lovely picture of my tired twosome!

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