Thursday, June 21, 2007


That's what I've been saying to myself for the past couple days while being at home with two kids and no Eric. His paternity leave of 6 weeks was up on Monday and he had to return to the working world. The time we've spent home with the four of us together has been absolutely priceless.
So, the reason I am saying Aack, usually followed by a deep breath and an eye roll is because I have been a little more busy than normal lately. In fact, it's funny that I say "normal" because we haven't really established a norm of any standard routine or schedule for any one of us just yet. All of that aside, I still have much catching up from the beginning of this week and since Elaina and I are headed to Florida in the morning, I'll be even deeper in the hole of blogging. I really hate to be behind since Lincoln and Elaina have had so much going on lately. There is so much to tell about switching Lincoln's formula, our new house guest that has been staying with us on and off and my days of being a single mom between 8 and 4p.m. Lately, I am even more happy to see my husband walk through the door when he comes home from work than usual.

And now, about our Florida trip! I'm so excited! Recently, my grandpa's doctor's have not been offering him particularly encouraging news about his health and since my grandparents weren't able to come to Ohio this summer, we're making a quick weekend trip down to visit. After exhausting all of my sick and vacation time off from work to be on maternity leave, I'll be going back to work with exactly zero hours to spare until I accumulate more. Basically, this boils down to having no time off until Christmas and no chance of another time to get to the sunshine state. So, all factors considered, I decided to whisk Elaina and myself off to Florida to spend some time with my grandparents and allow Eric and Lincoln some time at home together. The bonus is that Lincoln gets to enjoy his first days at the baby sitter's house on Friday and on Monday. Nancy, the babysitter, is so thrilled to finally get her hands on him and begin to spoil him to pieces just like his big sis. This will be a nice time for the two of them to get acquainted and keep him off an airplane and out of the Florida heat while we're gone. Those are the benefits I keep reminding myself of so that I won't miss him so much. And, in my mind, they are in fact, realistic.

Here is a picture of my sweet boy so that I can see him anytime I want and I can see how much he's grown in the 3 days until I can squeeze my arms around him again.

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I've been out of the loop lately, and I don't think I've commented in a while. I hope you had a great time in Florida and enjoyed a girls' weekend.