Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Breakfast With Santa

On Saturday morning, we all peeled ourselves out of bed, got ourselves cleaned up and ready for the day just like any other weekday morning. This morning however, was going to be special. Mommy and Daddy weren't leaving for work. Elaina and Lincoln weren't going to the sitter's house. This morning we were going to have breakfast with the Big Guy Himself, Santa Claus.

All morning we talked to Elaina at great lengths about Santa. She seemed only minimally excited. It's quite possible that I was looking forward to it more than her because someone else was going to be cooking and serving me pancakes, waffles and bacon for breakfast. Oh, and my kids were going to experience some Christmas magic. That too.

The Santa breakfast was at a nearby school which was also hosting a craft show. Much to my dismay, I wasn't smelling piping hot pancakes and smoky, sizzling bacon the minute I opened the door. Instead, donuts. Apparently Santa must prefer donuts? Elaina, on the other hand was thrilled for donuts and chocolate milk. As she was happily munching away, Santa walked into the cafeteria. Elaina immediately stood up in her seat and froze as she grabbed for both of my hands. She didn't move. Instead, we backed off our hype and asked if she would just like to wave to Santa. No go. Eventually, we made our way up to the Big Jolly Man and showed Elaina that Lincoln wasn't afraid to sit on Santa's lap and that Santa was our friend. Still, utter refusal.
The bright side is that Santa still offered Elaina his candy, (which she was not bashful about squandering) and that most of her excitement came from being in the actual school building and seeing a school bus up close. The craft show wasn't even bad. We picked up some cuddly fleece blankets for the kids which have already adorned with snot, crumbs and slobber. Good day, indeed.

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Tracy said...

Maybe the donuts are how he keeps his santaish figure?