Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Losing my Mind

Over the course of the last week and a half, I made the unfortunate discovery that we have had some unwelcome visitors staying with us. They've made themselves at home in all of our bedrooms, in our closets, in our kitchen and in our cupboards. We have mice. Well, I'd like to think of that just maybe singular, as in a mouse, but I'm really not that naive.

I first discovered the evidence of the invasion last week while Eric was out of town. I came across some poo in the basket that holds Elaina's diapers, on her dresser, in her room. Soon after, I found more evidence in the toy baskets in Lincoln's room. When I was packing up the diaper bag, oh, there was a little dot of poo on the pocket there too. And on some hats in my closet. And on the ledge of the registers. And in my laundry baskets too. I nearly lost touch with myself when I saw a little black dot of poo appear out of nowhere on Elaina's night stand. That little (insert proper vulgar label) was scampering it's dirty little self next to my baby's bed! I won't even begin to get into how much food I've had to throw away due to little gnawed out holes in the sides of the packaging.

So, until this little issue gets rectified, I have been slowly losing my mind. In everything that I do; making dinner, picking up toys and moving things around, I come across a little poo here and a little poo there and it stops me in my tracks to have to deal with the clean up of that particular area. Because of this, my days have seemed endless and blogging has taken a back seat. Regret ably. Trust me, I would rather be talking to all of you MUCH more that I would like to be removing mouse poo from everything that I own. I've had this unending fear that anytime I'm out in a public place, I'll be unzipping my diaper bag or my purse and a mouse will be jumping out. Or worse yet, I'll scream in horror over the discovery of the little dead mouse that is found stinking inside.

Eric has been great about setting traps and leaving out bait and we've already taken one victim into custody. Right into the trashcan. And now we wait. Who knows if there are more, if they'll take the poison to their grave and if we'll see more evidence anytime soon. So, in the meantime, does anyone happen to have a cat that I could borrow for a few days? I promise that I'll feed it well!

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