Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Seeing Pink

I know it's been a (long) break for me to get back to my old friend, Blogger here. It seems as though my family can hardly get a break from some ailment or another. Last week we were busy dealing with a round of pink eye for both Elaina and Lincoln. Oh, don't I love that Elaina shares so generously with her brother.

On Tuesday morning, Elaina woke up and her eye looked a little bit bloodshot and red. Not wanting to take any chances, I called the doctor who worked us in for an appointment right away. Without knowledge of what Elaina was being seen for that morning, Dr. Joni came in and immediately confirmed pink eye. In both eyes. Aack!

Wednesday morning rolled around with Lincoln waking up with the tell-tale green gunk lodged in the corners of both eyes. A phone call to our doctor once again resulted in his very own prescription ointment.

The bulk of my evenings last week consisted of washing pillow cases, blankets, toys and clothes. Every night. Everything. While I know that pink eye isn't the end of the world, it really took it's toll on my washing machine and my free time. At this point, we're maintaining treatment for Lincoln's eyes for a few more days and Elaina is back to having her sparkly blues free from any pink irritation or green gunk.

Unfortunately, my lunch hour is nearly up and I'm been made to catch up on my blogging from work. (Crossing my fingers I don't get busted!) It seems as though we have a virus that has been detected on our home computer and until Eric gets a new virus program, I have been banned from using it. Very soon, I hope to back to blogging with pictures and a recap of our weekend with my parents, Elaina's first bowling party, lots of snow and Eric's birthday!

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