Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Day

365 days ago, the very same thing happened to me. And 365 days before that; same thing.

I celebrated my birthday today.
33 years ago, my parents were celebrating too. 33 years later, they still do. Lucky for me.
This year, I am celebrating my birthday with a husband who loves me, and two of the sweetest kids ever made, whom I have been blessed to call my own. Elaina was so excited about my birthday. She talked in her silly voice saying, "Mommy, it's yer bert-day and I sing happy bert-day to you and we eat bert-day cake ALL GONE!" It really is all about the cake, now isn't it? That's my Girl!
Unfortunately, Eric had to teach a class tonight and didn't get home until after 10:00, so we actually celebrated my birthday yesterday. When I walked through the door, Eric and Elaina jumped out from behind a corner and yelled "Surprise!" and greeted me with hugs and kisses and the most beautiful cake decorated with angels at each corner and Elaina and Lincoln's names and read "Happy Birthday Mommy." So pretty and so tasty! While I was washing my hands and squeezing Lincoln with some hugs, Elaina was sitting at the table saying over and over, "Let's eat it! Mmm! Let's eat it!" Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and Eric caught her biting a corner right off the side. And so we had cake for dinner. Hey don't judge us, we would have saved you a piece. We had our real dinner later on in the evening, but enjoyed our cake appetizer first. I even shared some icing with Lincoln who had never tasted such decadent sweetness and began to flail his arms whenever I poked my frosted finger into his mouth. He was so cute!

Since I already bought my birthday shoes for myself, (times 2) Eric was off the hook for gift giving, but made my special day even more memorable and more enjoyable just by getting the kids involved and being at my side for my last 13 birthdays. Talk about a gift! I am a lucky Mommy indeed!

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Tracy said...

Happy Birthday. Cake for dinner?? Can't do much better than that!