Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas on the Wild Side

Like I mentioned, we were gearing up for celebrating Christmas with my side of the family this evening. And as expected, not a single lame gift was involved in the "stealing game" (or white elephant) gift exchange that we played.

Here is my cutie cousin Tommy showing off his new panties! Bet he never thought he'd make my blog holding onto his panties! Oh the joy of family. (And being an older cousin.) Here is my knock-out married-in cousin Jaclyn modeling her new brassiere. It was meant to be worn with the gi-normous underpants that she loaned to Tommy. Upon taking her picture I told her that it was the perfect shot for my blog. Wonder if she believed me? Oh well, she's a good sport and we love her!
How about Lincoln's "Santa's Little Helper" outfit? Oohh, I just wanted to eat up his cuteness in one bite. If you look closely, Lincoln is showing off his one and only 1/8 of his first tooth.Amazingly, I don't happen to have too many photos of Elaina. She was too busy darting off from one room of toys to the next and making every cousin her new best friend. She managed to sit down with her little brother long enough to show him how all of this "Christmas" stuff works. My mini composer. Oh Lincoln, I could have propped myself against your piano like Lucy on Linus and listened to you all day. He loved this piano so much unfortunately, it belonged to his cousins. Looks like Mama has some shopping to do!
And for the grand finale.... buh, buh-da-da: The Big Cousins! From left to right, my brother Greg and myself and the remainder are siblings as follows, Andy, Tommy, Bret, Trisha, Catherine and Abby. Abby and Trisha are both expecting and Catherine just delivered beautiful baby Grace in November. The one sibling missing was Susie who is currently living in Arizona. We have older cousins who have older kids and even more family commitments that they weren't able to join us. But this mighty crew of cousins grew up close and we look forward to seeing each other as often as we can.

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