Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Lulu-Belle

On the many ways I am LOVING age 3:

**The other night we were getting coats on to go out to dinner and Elaina commented in her very grown-up, polite voice, "Momma, it's a lovely day today." I finished zipping her into her coat and out of no where she throws out a "Merci'." Surprised by her French, I asked where she learned that and she told me from the book Fancy Nancy! (Thanks Aunt Kate!)
** We had just pulled into our driveway after a weekend away and the kids began to wake up in their car seats. Lincoln let out a short, whimpering cry to which Elaina replied sleepily, "Go back to sleep, Linkin' Dinkin."

** Elaina professes her love and affection for her brother VERY often. The other morning, she told me that she "wanted to keep our baby brother forever because he's just such a good baby boy and God made him for us." More true words have not been spoken Elaina. (We're definitely keeping HIM!)(and his big sister too!)

** I don't know how it's possible that your love for your child can seemingly multiply 100 times overnight, believing that each days' memories were the epitome of the BEST it could ever get. And by the next day, you love them even 100 times more than the day before. It's for this reason that I often ask Elaina if she can just stay 3 forever and we'll just hug each other and never let go. She sympathetically reassures me that she can't because she "has to turn 4 and then 5 and then 6 and.... and she has to go to school and ride the bus." Okay then, I'll just have to love her a million times more by then.

** One morning, Elaina told me that when she grows up and gets to be as old as me, she wants to be a mommy and have a husband and a job and be just like me. Oh, seriously Kid! You want a pink and purple pony too? Okay! I'll buy you a seven of them!

** Speaking of pink and purple... Elaina has already put in her order for her birthday cake. In July. She wants a pink and purple cake with sprinkles and a little kitty on top. Just so I know ahead of time.

** While eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast one morning, Eric asked Elaina how they were. After her very appreciative "Mmmm!" she told him that her cinnamon rolls were going in her mouth, past her heart, saying "Hi" to God and zooming down to her tummy. I guess they were good.

** At one point, Elaina had shared some information with me and when I asked her who had told her that she proclaimed, "My Daddy. Your Husband. Eric." (as if we had never met)

** I find it hysterical when she tries to help Lincoln perform some new skill, like coloring, she talks to him like he is a dog. "Here Boy! No Boy, like this. Come here Boy!" Oh, and she's been trying to teach Lincoln to talk and helps to translate every non-syllable sound he makes into a new word. When he does this, she squeals with excitement that "Mommy, Lincoln said the word 'Do!' Good job Baby Lincoln! You learned how to talk!"

** The other night as I walked into Elaina's room, I realized that my presence had surprised her. As she was sitting in her window seat, she told me that she was "talking to God and her angels, Ella and Ava. My angels."

Her conversation went something like this:

Elaina: "Do you believe in Santa? You have to believe! You just have to believe! Santa came at Christmas and bringed us presents. Oh, you just have to believe! You do?! You DO! Mommy, they believe in Santa!"

From her dialogue, I think she was recalling some emotion from the movie Polar Express about believing, but then again, we didn't get an opportunity to watch that movie at all this Christmas season. That child has an amazing memory but more than that, she can fill this mommy's heart so full of love and pride that I could nearly burst. This would explain why she is my angel on earth and I couldn't love her more. (Until the next day rolls around.)

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW! She is just such a bundle of excitement, energy and love! You could not ask for more in a daughter! You are so lucky.
Reading all your examples of her words are just touching but I have to say I got a BIG tear when I read about her angels!

Tracy said...