Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eric meets "25"

So I'm crossing my fingers on this one. Eric and I have known each other for about 14 years now, let's see how long it takes me to begin to struggle on his list of 25.

1. Eric's middle name is Todd. Same as Lincoln's. Not a coincidence. "Lincoln Eric" just didn't sound as good as "Lincoln Todd."

2. Eric's parents had originally spelled his name with a "k" at the end. Erick. With too many misspellings and questions, his mom decided it would be better off to drop the "k" after all.

3. Eric is a member of the NRA.

4. Eric owns more guns than I own purses.

5. If he could live anywhere in the U.S., he would probably pick West Virginia or Alaska.

6. He is an avid fisherman, hunter and bowler.

7. His highest bowling score has been 288.

8. Although he loves tuna steak, he exaggerates puke noises when I open a can of tuna.

9. Even before I met him, his clothes hung in his closet according to color and family. (Short sleeves, long sleeves, jeans, slacks)

10. He can fix most anything in our house and his carpentry skills impress even himself.

11. When our kids need help with science and math, Eric will be the go-to man for those subjects.

12. When it comes to remembering peoples names, well, no... that just doesn't happen.

13. Eric is employed as a safety consultant for the state.

14. He is also a volunteer firefighter for our town's fire department.

15. Eric has an older brother and an older sister.

16. We grew up in the same town, but Eric moved away when he was in junior high school. We never met until college.

17. We both fall under the Sagittarius sign. He is three years older than me.

18. Eric didn't think he ever wanted to go to college. Turns out that he did much better in college than he did in high school.

19. He has been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan since he was in elementary school. (Go Steelers! -SuperBowl 2008!)

20. Eric helps me out tremendously around the house. On most occasions, he does the dishes after dinner, vacuums and helps to get the kids bathed and in bed.

21. He is the best dad to our kids and turns into Jell-O when it comes to his sweet, little girl.

22. After college, he applied for jobs in Hawaii. Even though he got a few bites on his resume, no job offered a substantial salary to meet the cost of living there. (Too bad!)

23. Eric is a steadfast advocate of driving American made cars. He scoffs at people who buy foreign made, even if they are family.

24. He is one of the most hot-blooded people I know. It can be 40 degrees and he'll be wearing shorts and a tee shirt.

25. His wife still thinks he is handsome after all of these years. (Except when he decides to buzz cut his hair)(even his mother comments about that!)

** Hey! That wasn't too bad at all! I think I could even dish out about 25 more! But I won't. And you're welcome!

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Anonymous said...

First...amazing job on the list. I hope after Chris and I have been married for that long, I can make the same list. Second, I am sending my congrats to him for sticking up for the American Steel/Car companies. I am a firm believer in only buying American! Lastly, after reading all that, you are very lucky to have such an amazing husband and father in your life!