Monday, January 12, 2009

Snowed in Saturday

Lincoln seemed intrigued by the snow, which was turning into light ice crystals by the time it hit the ground. He was mystified by the light tapping noise upon his hood.

Elaina's first sled ride of the year!
Lincoln's first sled ride ever! He's hard to see but I promise that he's tucked in there close to his Daddy!
Even though the snow had blasted him in the face, he didn't cry! I think he liked it!
Within a short time, he discovered his new mobility in his snowsuit and how much fun it was to plop his little self into the deep snow.
My snow angels!
At home, Lincoln was more than happy to have me tug him around the driveway in his sled. He was pretty upset about having to get out after 59 trips up and down our driveway. I think that he is most likely going through wagon-ride withdrawal this time of year.
Check out the snow fort that we built! (Eric deserves credit too, but couldn't be in this photo since Lincoln isn't so good at taking pictures with mittens on!)
Even though I'm not a big fan of snow, I think that my opinion is beginning to sway since having kids to play outside and enjoy it! Better yet, our snow day reached us on Saturday when we had no plans and were able to take advantage of our winter wonderland!
(*** Edited to add: My mom gets so annoyed when my pictures aren't able to get larger with a double click. Mom, these all can be made large, just for you!)

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HollyLynne said...

They look a LOT happier in that snow than I would be! :) But that snow fort does look AWESOME!