Saturday, January 24, 2009

Burnin' Baby

I'm glad this past week is behind us. As a county worker, we were off on Monday (thank you Mr. King) which made for an ideal appointment time to take Lincoln to the pediatrician to get caught up on his vaccines. It seems like every time he is due for shots, he comes down with a cold and I then cancel his appointment, thus not making matters worse for my little guy.

As it stood, last Friday, Lincoln was a slight bit fevered and also had random bouts with a high temperature throughout last weekend too. Monday morning rolled around and Lincoln was still keeping his appointment whether it be to get his (4) shots or to discuss his random fevers. The doctor didn't feel that a fever would compromise his health and we both agreed to get the shots out of the way once and for all. These are his 18 month inoculations by the way. He's almost 21 months old. Behind much?

As expected, Lincoln was especially cranky throughout the day on Monday and we had given him some pain reliever meds to help ease his discomfort. Tuesday thru Thursday though, he was still experiencing high fevers (highest with meds was 103.8), diarrhea, loss of appetite and just generally not feeling well. By this point, we had all had enough. The doctor's office got us in for an appointment on Friday and sure enough, Lincoln presented with a flaming red, irritated throat. His ear tubes looked good, his nose wasn't runny, his throat seemed to be the culprit of his discomfort.

So, here we are on Saturday. I have worn myself out with worry over my favorite little boy in the whole world. Eric had spent a few days out of town this past week leaving me to do all the holding, hugging, comforting, we have both woke up in the middle of the night to give Lincoln a dose of medicine to keep his fever under control and today we are all just plain old exhausted.

Today was the first full day of his antibiotic and I'm crossing my fingers that he starts feeling better soon. We're leaving for a family trip to Florida in exactly 10 days and germs and infections are not invited!

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Kelsey said...

I hope he's all better soon. Sick children make me so anxious, especially babies because they can't tell you what they're feeling.

I'm glad you have such a trip to look forward to!