Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Top ten reasons that I am DONE with winter:

10. Keegan is knee deep (for a lab anyhow) in the snow drifts and keeps doing his "yard business" on the edge of the yard because he can no longer distinguish yard from driveway.

9. There's really nothing like rushing into work (walking 2 blocks) in 5 degree temps. and your nose begins to run but because your face is so frozen, you can't feel the "run" until you've actually arrived at your desk after taking 2 elevator rides with at least a dozen people who have seen your run-freeze in the meantime. (I just love it when that happens!)

8. No joke: I've seen icicles on houses around here that are bigger and longer than a surf board! (Okay, maybe a boogie board, but they could fatally stab someone if they landed on an unsuspecting person.)

7. Because we had that fantastic idea to have our patio done in stamped concrete, we can't spread any type of ice melt granules or salt on our main walkway in and out of our house. Any type of salt would corrode the surface of the concrete and therefore ruin the finish. This means we strap on ice skates and kneepads anytime we want to go out the backdoor.

6. The morning radio stations hardly play music in the morning. Between reports of traffic accidents, school cancellations and commercials, I'm lucky to hear one song during my 30 minute morning commute.

5. How do you explain to a 3 year old the difference between 5 degrees and 30 degrees and why she can't play outside when it's 5 degrees even if she is wearing 4 coats, 6 hats and 3 pairs of pants? "Dangerous cold" seems to be lost on the mind of my cold blooded child. 4. It's too cold to shop. Seriously. With our run of single digit temperatures and continuous snowfall, I've made due with the local grocery stores just buying up basic items to get through the week. When it's dark and cold outside, getting home from work seems to be just a feat in and of itself these days.

3. Damn 4- wheel drive doesn't mean squat on the ice. Enough said. 2. Our pilot light in our furnace blew itself out (repeatedly) on Friday and Saturday. Our inside temperature quickly dropped to a freezy 55 degrees. Luckily, Eric had come home from being out of town that same day and was the first one to recognize and fix the problem.

1. Three straight weeks of negative degree nights and single digit mornings is making me want to quit my job, stay home, eat bon bons, cuddle with my kids and sleep 24/7. Curse you blasted winter for tempting me... I teeter every day.

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