Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Buzz About My Worker Bees

And I may as well refer to Elaina and Lincoln as my "worker bees" because they stay so busy at being busy.

Here is a brief rundown of some events that unfolded last week just before I skipped town to soak up the sun and fun of Florida.

About Lincoln and his diaper rash; it has healed up like a dream. I am a true believer that a little sprinkle of powder upon his tiny hiney will keep any further rashes at bay. It's such a relief to see his sweet fleshy colored hiney rather than his bright, red burning hiney. Even better than that, I know that he is over his suffering with his burning butt.

And about that issue with the formula; he had previously been on the standard hospital issued milk-based formula. We hadn't really noticed that he was having a problem with the formula until the past few weeks of watching his behavior, counting his spit-ups and noting his stinky diapers. Given the fact that we're still learning one another, it took me a little while to catch on that his gas seemed to pain him more that it should and more frequently too. He has been arching his back, stiff as a board and would yell with discomfort. Soon, two bottles of gas-relief drops became a staple in our home; one for each floor. On Monday, I talked with the nurse at the pediatrician's office and after consulting with the doctor, she suggested trying lactose-free formula.

Monday night was the big crossover in which we encountered a few bumps in the road of switching. He spit up about three out of five feeds yet didn't seem to mind to much and was still hungry for more. His stools have become slightly firmer and not occurring at every. single. diaper change. Whew! Now that we've gone over the one-week mark, he's doing pretty well and only spitting up (like a geyser) only a few times a week. Although it's still unnerving, feeling so helpless to make my baby feel better, it is still less common than before. I feel comforted knowing that he'll be going for his next well-baby check in only a few short weeks to follow up with the doctor then.

And now for Elaina... oh, where can I begin with Elaina? She has been cracking me up!

Our here-and-there-houseguest which I referenced earlier is an imaginary fly named "Fido." See, I knew she was watching too much TV. Fido is the imaginary fly from this show, which I loath. Their only saving grace is that my child has learned imagination from viewing their program and she is completely entertained by their nonsense. I'm just not in the loop I guess. At this point, we have to be on our toes as Fido will just suddenly pop up from out of nowhere. Elaina always managed to catch Fido and we pass him around between our fingers and he will sometimes sit upon our shoulders. He obviously likes it here since he's managed to stick around as our most-convenient pet for all of about 3 weeks now.

Anther fun thing last week was going puddle jumping in a nearby parking lot following a torrential downpour. This video just reminds me to take time to enjoy the sweet and quiet moments of our normally busy lifestyle. For Elaina, it was sheer enjoyment despite the growing blisters that were welling up around her ankles from her wet, rubber boots.

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