Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lincoln's First Road Trip

So you know that when your baby demands to eat every three hours, and you have a 2 hour and 45 minute trip ahead of you, you have to be somewhat meticulous when it comes to traveling.

I thought I was.

This afternoon, I loaded up the truck, the girl, the dog and Eric loaded in almost 5 ounces of milk into Lincoln's little belly just before we hit the road destined for grandma and grandpa's house. I took the kids and dog by myself as I wanted to allow Eric some time at home to complete more of his garage remodel and finish some painting in what will become Elaina's new room. In addition, we have a busy weekend scheduled which includes a Thursday thru Saturday garage sale at my parents' house. Since I just happened to have two enormous totes filled with my best junk that I intended to sell, I was recruited to help.

Our drive had gone beautifully- just as planned. We got on the road just before Elaina's nap time, just after Lincoln's last feeding and Keegan- well, Keegan lays down in the back of the truck before we even make it out of town. We were well into our second hour of travelling and then came the screaming. The crying. The yelling. Fussing and whining. Lincoln's belly timer was going off 40 minutes early. My time table for travel went out the window. Worse yet, Lincoln's car seat was positioned in the middle of the back seat, Elaina on one side and the 2 ginormous totes-o-crap flanking the other. Nightmare. I was forced to let him cry the kind of hungry cry that makes a mother's heart hurt for all of 20 minutes before we reached my mom and dad's house like a tornado touching down.

Nothing says "Welcome" like a crying, hungry baby and a toddler who begs to play at every child's backyard swing set we see out the car window.

Let our vacation begin!

1 Welcome Comments:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for phoning ahead to let us know when to expect you because nothing really say welcome more than a Mom and Dad waiting in the drive to feed a screaming baby, amuse a toddler, hug a daughter and rescue her dog from under all the stuff that shifted in the back and avalanched down on top of him. The excitement of having a garage sale was nothing compared to the excitement of your visit. Grandma H.